Sunday, January 30, 2011

SiEnce releases GemRB for Dingux – Play Baldur’s Gate; Planescape

GemRB 0.6.3 for Dingoo (Dingux)

Today at 03:00:34 AM by omgmog

SiENcE has released GemRB for Dingux


Finally i release GemRB for Dingux.
Lot of testing was done from several people (esp: Coccijoe & mrkingoo ...thanks!)
With GemRB you can run Baldurs Gate 1, Baldurs Gate 2, Icewind Dale 1 and Planescape Torment natively on Dingoo/Dingux!

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: SiENcE
More information:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Labyrinth for Dingux

Qbertaddict has ported Labyrinth for Dingux:

Now this takes me back! Enjoy!


I merged my old ASCII Labyrinth game with a SDL tutorial I found on the internet( and I ended up with this :
P.S. The source code is extremely messy.

Discuss it here:,3000.msg26967/topicseen.html#new
Author/Porter: Poligrafowicz
Download Source:

Slitherlink for Dingux updated to 1.1

Mia has released an updated port of the game Slitherlink . The game, which runs on Dingux is a game puzzle logic.The author made a single update in the game, which was to rename the extension of sound files (. wav to. dat ). This change was made to avoid problems with the jukebox system. The rest of the game remains unchanged.

Click here to follow the discussions on this game in Dingoonity

DOWNLOAD (source)

Howl Ye (I Dizhu) for A330

News courtesy of our brothers at

Google Translated from Portuguese:

the Dingoo Games launched Howl ye, for the A330, one more game. This time the game is a turn based card game at cards more popular in China, the Dou Dizhu ( click here to read more about this game in the English version of Wikipedia). To install just simply unzipped the file " 斗地主. cc "folder in 3D. This folder, in turn, is inside the folder GAME. I would like to thank our fellow co- massi for notifying us about this release ( thanks buddy!) and apologize for the poor quality of the picture taken above (used my webcam since I do not have a digital camera. Only those old and classic cameras moved the photographic film xD) .


OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) here soon?

Brasaral is making great progress on porting this to Dingux …

Well, I've been playing with it some more. It is true that at 320x240 it is almost unplayable. Almost all of the windows take up the entire screen and some are even larger (Main menu, Financial report, Settings, etc.). So, I've set the resolution to 640x480 and then resampled the output to 320x240 using simple averaging of the four pixels into one. This makes all texts unreadable, but that can be circumvented by using a larger font (this also enlarges the windows).
It works quite fast and with a few optimizations, it will be even better. Now I am trying some fonts to find the best one. Darker text colors also look better, so maybe changing the white/yellow text into blue/black will do. Also I'm working on the controls, but soon it will be playable.
Some screenshots of the game, but it looks much better on a Dingoo display:


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anagramania for Dingux

Anagramarama - a FREE word game for Linux, Windows and BeOS.
The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and you'll advance to the next level.
Three words describe it...
Simple Addictive Fun

You must use SiENcE's virtual mouse driver to select letters!
X - Shuffle words
Select - Clear guessed letters
Start - Confirm word
Left shoulder - Exit
-----Known bugs-----
Pink margin fonts
Missing answers list
Bad readability of captions
Black vertical line right to time and score
Created by Colm Gallagher
Ported by JaGoTu
Thanx to #dingoonity irc for help (mainly ayla)
Download source:

The rest of the Etronmix A380 Reviews …


The guys from Etronixmart have released two more VIDs for their Dingoo A380 review. This first video below takes a look at what is in the box and then compares the A380 with the Dingoo A320. The unit is turned on and we see our first glimpse of the software and some of its functionality. Gemei Tech A330 users will see a familiar 2-player option screen, perhaps hinting at similar technology. The emulators appear to have the same type of menu as the Dingoo A320/A330 and GA330. The Gemei Tech A330, while benefiting from a speed increase, has similar (if not the exact same) emulators as the Dingoo products in regards to compatibility, options, look, feel, etc. The assumption here is that the new Dingoo is not yet benefiting from updated software, and why would it if the device will use Dingux out-of-the-box?

The next video, the last in their review series, specifically talks about the 2-player gaming mode. Users will see how to set-up this mode, watch the two units sync-up, followed by some 2-player wireless gaming. One thing to note is that the NeoGeo BIOS rotating animations are not corrupted, hinting at the fact that they may have fixed the "HK" issue which plagued NeoGeo emulation on the later Dingoo systems. The video concludes by demonstrating the compatibility with the Dingoo A330 wireless game controller (around $15-30 extra). Viewers will note that 2 controllers are used towards the end of the video, something that was impossible to accomplish on the Dingoo A330 due to a hardware limitation.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Dingoo A380 …

Many moons ago, we reported of an impending A380 by Gemei.  Now, from emerges news of another Dingoo A380:

C’mon now, once more with feeling:
We have received news of a new Dingoo branded handheld. The A380 offers 64MB of RAM (32MB more than the A320), 2-player local WIFI support (just like the Gemei MPS A330), and out-of-the-box Dingux support. There is no mention of the expansion slot being required for Dingux, it seems it might be running it as the main O/S. For more information and to get involved in the discussion please see the link below.
• 500 MHz processor
• WQVGA TFT LCD (16:10) of 3.2 inches with a resolution of 400 x 240.
• 64 MB of Ram.
• WiFi, USB 2.0.
• Rechargeable lithium battery can be recharged by USB or charger that brings.
• TV output can be connected to the television.
• Plays MP3 files including MP3, FLAC, WMA, APE. You can play music while playing.
• Reader Images JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG with zoom, rotate and display.
• Surround sound effect with 2 speakers.
• Manufactures integrated antivirus.
• Integrated microphone and voice recorder in MP3 or WAV format.
• FM radio with automatic channel search ranges between 76.0MHz ~ 108.0MHz can play or do other functions while listening to the radio. You can store up to 40 channels.
• 4GB internal flash memory, expandable via Micro SD.
• Dingux operating system.
Thanks to Etronixmart for the news!
It has coloured buttons! It has coloured buttons!

Update: 1 October 2011 - Reviewed here:

abstauber’s Dingoo Mini Arcade Cabinet !

The pictures say it all!

Hi Everyone,
after exact one month build time I've finally finished my Dingux driven Mini-Arcade!
Dingoo: A320 at 420 MHz
Screen Size: 5"
Cab Size: 20x40x23 cm
Here are some images showing the cab in all its "80s Space Duel Glory" :)
Front view, the Dingoo's screen is typically  hidden behind a small hatch.

Size compared to a beer, the marquee is actually let when turned on

Showing some of its side art

Go here to find out how to make one!

Monday, January 24, 2011

How (not(?)) to connect an SNES controller to Dingoo A320 … or: connecting an Arduino to Dingoo A320

Those wild and wacky hackers over at have applied themselves magnificantly, and now you can play SNES Mario with a proper SNES controller (and a few odds and ends that you might just have hanging around, of course:)). Kudos!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blink and you’ll miss it …

… but I think we have another one. This looks suspiciously like an A320 case, hacked – or butchered, as the case may be - with Wiz controls! It alleges “Support for NES/GB/GBC”, and retails from DX at a rather tempting $34.00 delivered.

Click for full-size viewClick for full-size view

Specs include:

- Can be used as MP3, MP4 player, camera, video recorder, voice recorder, mini game player, FM radio,
picture viewer, text reader and memory storage
- 2.8" TFT LCD screen display
- Support 3GP/MP4/AVI video formats
- Support MP3 audio formats
- Picture browsing support JPG format
- Support for NES/GB/GBC
- FM tuner function (87.5~108MHz)
- Support TV-out
- Built-in microphone for voice recording
- Support E-book: TXT
- Internal memory: 2GB
- Support up to 8GB Micro SD card
- OSD Menu Language: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Korean / French /
German / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / Russian / Polish / Turkish / Swedish / Dutch / Danish / Czech
/ Hungarian / Romanian / Indonesian / Greek

Tempting, that is, because who doesn’t love any ugly bastard child?

Anyhoo, hop on over if you absolutely must have one! And don’t forget to report back.

Hell Striker II released for A330

Hell Striker II (TianDiDao 2)

Translated from Portuguese from :

Hell Striker II was released for the A330 Howl ye, the port official game Hell Striker II (known in China for TianDiDao 2 ). This game, action adventure, was released in early 2009 by Dingoo Games (one of four companies that comprise Howl ye) for mobile phones that use the platform Symbian . Now this game has won an excellent port for the A330 Howl ye!

Fortunately, unlike past releases, the game features a translation into English, though quite limited.

To install the game it is necessary first of all, have installed version 1.1 of the firmware (to download it if you do not have it installed, click here ). Since this version of firmware is installed just simply unzipped the file " 天地道完整版. cc"folder in 3D. This folder, in turn, is inside the folder GAME.


NOTE: Special thanks to our buddy-colleague massi , for having warned me about the release of the game and also for having the courtesy to send a copy of the game. 谢谢你,老兄!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paintown for Dingux

Paintown 3.4.0 [] running on Dingoo linux.
It's just a build test! No changes on original code made.
Dingoo is overclocked at 400Mhz and swap memory (64MB) enabled.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slitherlink v1.0 Dingux

Slitherlink v1.0
January 13, 2011

Here we have a nice little puzzle game.


Hello everyone,

Here's my first project for the Dingoo (Dingux): Slitherlink v1.0.

Download and release notes

• Introduction

Slitherlink is a logic puzzle game created in 1989 by Japanese publisher Nikoli, famous for creating Sudoku, among many other logic puzzles.
I discovered the game a few years ago on the Nintendo DS with 'Puzzle Series Vol. 5: Slitherlink', which was never released outside of Japan. It's such a good game I became addicted to it, and now it's time to spread the virus

This is my version of the game for Dingux (Dingoo Linux).
Its main features are:

• 456 levels
• Four grid sizes: 5x5 (easy), 7x7, 10x10, 20x20 (hard)
• Undo button
• Progress saved automatically
• Save state option

• Rules

In Slitherlink, you draw lines on a grid to create a meandering path, following the rules:

• The path must form a single loop, without crossing itself or branching.
• The numbers indicate how many lines surround each cell. Empty cells may be surrounded by any number of lines.

There is one unique solution for each level.
You can draw small x's on segments that cannot be connected.
You should be able to find the solution by logical deduction only, without guessing.

To Slitherlink beginners, I strongly advise to consult the Wikipedia page, and particularly the chapter 'Solution methods', which is a big help at the beginning.

For more information, read file README.txt.

Discuss it here:

Author/Porter: Mia

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Manual for Gamebox Retro gaming system

Here are some pages from the Gamebox manual:

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Here are links to larger versions of the images:

If you look here:
under "console function" Part 5 – in addition to loading off TF cards, this apparently plays GBA cartridges!

How about a nice game of … Gamebox? Or Zeebo? Whatever!

Another day, another delectable Dealextreme gadget.  This time, it’s a “Gamebox”. More intriguingly, it appears to be a Zeebo clone. Never heard of Zeebo? Look it up. What the … Zeebo has 3g, and does the internet! Is this … ? Could this … ? Sadly, comparing the Zeebo’s stats with this suggests the answer is no.

Click for full-size view

These are the specs:

- Model: GBX-1001
- NTSC/PAL output
- CPU: GameBox dual-core 500MHz processor
- Memory: 128MB
- Flash: 2GB
- Features micro SD card interface
- Support 720P (1280*720P) TV-Out
- Support media formats: RMVB, ASF, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP3, WMA, WAV. FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG
- With dual shock vibrating Joypad gamepad
- Comes with 60 Arcade games
- Plug and Play on your TV
- Powered by AC 100~240V EU plug
- Ultra low power consumption

Check out the manufacturer’s website:

This baby allegedly does MAME! Get one from here if you’re so inclined; it’s $53.50 shipped.

Monday, January 10, 2011

PC Engine / TG16 / Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native

PC Engine / TG16 / Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native
January 9, 2011

dingux-hugo has been ported to the native firmware!!


WARNING this will overclock by default to 400Mhz
WARNING this build will hang unless you have a rom called default.pce in the same directory as the .app


Unzip the zip file, into:

    A:Game3D Games

this should mean a directory is created called:

    A:Game3D GamesDingooHuGo


It should behave just like the Dingux version (with a minor change with the position of rom names in the menu). See the help file (which is viewable in the Emu). Use the START button in the ROM browser to bring up keyboard to enable jumping to ROMS beginning with a specific letter.

Finally, I can play Bomberman 

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: clach04

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jump ‘n Blob Dingux

EXL launched Dingux to the port of the game Jump'N'Blob . The game, which is a variation of arcade , as the protagonist has a blue dot. Your goal is to pass through the phases and at the end of them, face the boss.

Below are the game controls:

A - Impact
B - Jump
L - Another type of impact
R - Inventory
X - Run
START - Pause the game / Quit menu

Click here to access the post game release in Dingoo A320 - Русский Ресурс


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo Native

PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo is released. It's a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator for the Dingoo.
PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo Changelog:

I've ported PocketSNES to the native Dingoo firmware.
Usual installation stuff, remove other SNES emulators and copy contents of ZIP to GAME directory blah blah blah. If you get stuck just ask here and someone will help you.
Note: PocketSNES now uses a sub directory in the GAME directory called pocketsnes. This will hold the PNG files used for the menu system, it will also hold your save state files. SRAM files are saved to the same directory as the current ROM is located. If you have any existing save states you'll need to manually move them into the PocketSnes folder in order to use them again in v1.2.
Updated 02/01/2010
V1.1 fixes issue with sound rates
Linux port also added to source code which include SDL port details
Update 04/01/2010
V1.2 fixes issue with SRAM saves
Graphical preview now added to save state menu

Download: PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Highway Encounter Native Firmware

Highway Encounter

Dingueiros Comrades,

clach04 ported to the system's native Dingoo, the game Highway Encounter . The game, which is a strategy / action, is a remake of the game of the same name, released for the ZX Spectrum in 1985. The basic idea of the game is to guide a powerful laser weapon called lasertron by a highway in order to destroy the alien mothership.

Click here to follow the discussion on the game at Dingoonity


NOTE: There is a version of the game for Dingux. To download it, click here .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

DinGear v2.0

DinGear v2.0
January 01, 2010

Dingear has been updated again with some great new features including colecovision support!!


Release v2.0:

- Unexpected resets, freezing or tiles corruption bug should now be fixed.
- DinGear can now run ColecoVision games too (.COL).
- Fixed shadow dancer.
- Fixed some synchro issues occuring with the LCD.
- Added a configuration menu to alter the pixels clock & blanking periods.
- Fixed sound speed.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Hitchhikr
Download Source:

PocketSNES port v1 - For Native Firmware

PocketSNES port v1 - For Native Firmware
January 01, 2011

POCKETSNES has been released for the NATIVE OS!!!!


I've ported PocketSNES to the native Dingoo firmware.  Downloads are below

Usual installation stuff, remove other SNES emulators and copy contents of ZIP to GAME directory blah blah blah.  If you get stuck just ask here and someone will help you.


Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Reesy
Download Source:

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX)

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX)
december 28, 2010

Snes9x4d has been updated and now supports transparency and cheats!


during my caanoo development of snes9x4X i decided to build also a new Dingoo build.

Whats New for Dingoo users?
-menu transparency option and cheat support

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: SiENCE