Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.3 released

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lion_rsm is back!
Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.3 is released!

Author/Porter: lion_rsm
DingooNES emulator has been updated to version 1.5:
Corrected the description of hot keys in the section "About emulator".
Slightly improved speed emulation.
Now the option "Auto compress ROM" by default.
DingooSMD emulator has been updated to version 1.1:
Fixed an issue with sound when running the emulator with the sound turned off and then powering the sound menu.
Added support for SVP chip (for the game Virtua Racing), slightly improved speed emulation.
Added partial support of games Sega CD (while without playing audio tracks).
Now the option "Auto compress ROM" by default.
Download: http://www.unibytes.com/z6L6AgNY9LcLqw-Us4P3UgBB
P.S.Looks like we will soon see DingooPce


  1. And once again Lion does a very good job whith those emulators, at the same time he disrespects the community by not releasing the source codes...

    I'm not a coder myself, so I'm happy to get the new emulators. and still, it's sad to know that he is still acting like this.

    1. Enough moaning about Lion not releasing the source codes it's getting old.

    2. Getting old? What is getting old is his disrespect regarding open source stuff and the wholle dingoo community. No, I don't think there was enough complaining about this, since he still acts this way.

      Let's face it, it's pretty simple: he's working on codes that should be public. Yes, we shoulod complain until he either release the sources or quit working qith them.

  2. Why don't you post the latest V1.4 pack? It out for days !!!!!!!!!

    Download site: http://a320.emulate.su/2012/10/09/dingoo-emulation-pack-1-4/


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