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el_andyriego’s video of PS1/PSX on JXD S5300

Re: s5300 Skelton's Clean_SCRIPT (for ICS and JB firmwares)

Hello my friends. Well, I have uploaded a video so you can see the performance of the JXD S5300 playing PSX games. As I told you before, I believe the quality is very decent, it might need some improvements, but as it is now, I find it very acceptable, or almost an unnoticeable difference to that of the original Playstation gameplay. As I've been telling you before, I installed the English firmware from JXD(the one that was uploaded on the JXD site on 2/2/2013), and to be able to play PSX games with great performance you'd need to install psx4droid and acquire a BIOS. If you can't install the firmware with an SD bootable card, I've already placed the instructions for an alternative way you can install it using GMass.
The other emulators like SNES, NES, and 64 are working as before with no glitches nor problems, but as I said before, you'd have to install a separate emulator for the Sega Genesis. The Android version of this firmware is Jelly Bean and it is working great. However, the R button problem is still present, but not as noticeable as before.
I believe that if anyone thinking on buying a JXD or retro gamepad, S5300 is a good option, you should give it a try. You'll have a smooth and good experience with it, being using it as a tablet or as a gamepad. And if you want to play PSX games just follow the past instructions. I believe JXD will continue updating the firmware for good. Also, I wanted to add that with my experience looking around the web and even eBay, you won't find better deals than's. Good luck.

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Dingoo A380 Firmware updated to CFW V2.07.06 !

Re: Dingoo A-380 Custom Firmware V2.07.06

Dingoo A-380 render by Santo

Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.07.06 is available for download.
Some small changes have been made for all languages. The most important part is the support added for a new Game Boy Advance emulator build by d_smagin. The emulator is also based on gpsp V0.9 but the game compatibility is a lot better than with the original Dingoo A-380 emulator. Most of the games run jus fine with the default emulator settings. If a game suffers from slowdowns try with changing the frameskip from Auto to Manual and 1.
Note: The L/R button issue isn't fixed yet. It didn't fix the issue only moved it to the wireless controllers.

Download here. As always, thanks to Alien Grey for all his hard work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JXD S7300 reviewed on

A detailed review on a reputable site … the JXD S7300 is getting some serious profile! I wish they could learn to write a decent headline, though!

Eurogamer review

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Archos Gamepad firmware released (quite some time ago :())

Whoops, this one slipped through under the radar, but for those of you wondering about it, there is one.  Follow this thread here:

Here is a first rooted custom firmware release based on Archos firmware update from December 27th, 2012.

[[** please register to see this link **]]

Update history

Fix an issue with several buttons pressed simultaneously.

Fix an issue with the display flickering.

Fix an issue with Google talk no sound on loudspeaker on video chat.

Android build: archos/RK3070GP/A70GP:4.1.1/JRO03H/20121220.155836:user/release-keys

Linux Kernel build: Linux version 3.0.8+ (lfzhou@midcs-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #7 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 20 09:21:59 CST 2012

Rooted firmware Download: [[** please register to see this link **]]

Please do not reupload or mirror this file.

Flash only with [[** please register to see this link **]], use Restore button.

Quick firmware flashing update procedure, thanks to [[** please register to see this link **]].

I have successfully flashed it, coming from stock firmware 1.0, using Win7/64bit.

Here's how I did it:

connected tablet to usb, switched off the tablet, then pressed vol+,vol-, poweron at the same time.

The tablet was still showing me a black screen (no archos logo), but Win7 complained suddenly about a missing driver. I went into the device manager, used the rockchip driver (amd64/win7) and proceeded to start the flashing tool. If your device proceeds automatically to boot Android, then you have do something wrong.

Then (still with a black screen on the tablet) I selected the rooted firmware, clicked on "restore" and waited a few minutes. The flash completed successfully. It will set everything back to default, this means all apps/settings are gone. Then it rebooted automatically.

Then I checked for root access – first SuperSU wanted an update, then Check Root didn't want to show me a root success, but then I remembered to turn on usb debugging on the tablet. Afterwards, checkroot confirmed that the tablet is rooted! :)

This firmware has been confirmed to work by several forum users.

You should be able to flash this test firmware safely and flash back the stock firmware from Archos if things go wrong. Feedback is welcome.



The following users say thank you to admin for this useful post:

the_jako, gpusert, DUDU, Mick2K, arschos, yunder, shakan, qwadrwr, diger, YOSOYPEPO

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Dingoo + Gameboy = Gameboo

Here’s one way to make use of an old GBA – stick a Dingoo A330 in it:


“The Gameboo

Made this for a friend's birthday present. It's a Dingoo A330 inside an Original Gameboy, with TV out and wireless controller. “

Obscure handheld’s JXD S7300B “one month later” wrap up

Great follow up on the JXD S7300B now it’s in general release from Obscurehandhelds here.  Well worth a read – he writes much better than me (I also get an unjustified plug, ha!). open for business – “Quora” Q and A for emulation consoles and retrogaming

I waste way too much time on Quora , and it occurs to me that while there is so much good stuff on it, they just don’t focus enough on the important things in life: retrogaming, handheld consoles and emulation.  Sure, you can find the answer to life, the universe, and everything on Quora, but can anyone tell you the difference between a JXD S601 and a GCW Zero? Or the name of the ghosts in Pac Man?

So, faithful readers, launching today is a little seed that may one day turn into a tiny flower, and then perhaps, become the home to a pretty butterfly before it succumbs to the harsh winters of abandoned places, hopefully in a distant, distant time. For now though …  

Welcome all to !


It’s a little lonely there at the moment, full of what I hope will not remain rhetorical questions (aww, c’mon, it looks better than a white screen, right?!). This won’t work without YOU, so please go forth and ask and answer, spread the word and tell your friends.

How to install apps and games on GCW Zero … qbertaddict shows us how

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dingoo A380 CFW v2.06.07 Released by Alien Grey

Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.06.07

Dingoo A-380 Custom FirmWare

Dingoo A-380 render by Santo

Enabled NEO-GEO zip support.
Enabled CPS1 fba support.
Emulator options fixed.
Added FBA to the emulators list.
Enabled sms support for SEGA Game Gear. (rename your *.gg rom to *.sms to run the game in SEGA Master System compatibilty mode)
Replaced the Japanese Language with the Dutch language.
Replaced the default icons and list select with the icons and list select from zipaway.
Moved the audio, video, picture and e-book folders to the external MicroSD.
Enabled bin and gen support for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.
Added Reboot.
Added Open-Source Games.
Added support for Fceu320. A full speed NES emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Fixed English language.
Full emulator names.
Changed ROM folders "fc" to "nes" and "sfc" to "snes".
Added Ayla's SDLWrapper to center the image from SDL games on the screen. Thanks to Ayla.
Added an Atari Lynx emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Enabled Nintendo (sdl) zip support.
Enabled Atari Lynx zip support.
Nintendo (sdl) game saves and configuration files are now stored in the "nes" folder.
Added support for the Atari Lynx emulator final version. Thanks to d_smagin.
Enabled Atari Lynx .lyx support.
Added a new Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Changed Nintendo (FCEU) to Nintendo (sdl).
Added a new SEGA Master System and SEGA Game Gear emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Added a new menu item "SDL Emulators".
Added a new full speed SEGA Mega Drive emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Added a new menu item "3D Games" with CPU clocked at 432MHz.
Added a new "SDL Emulators" menu item "SEGA CD".
Enabled SEGA CD .bin and .cso/mp3 support.
Changed folder name "sdlgames" to "sdl-game".
Changed folder name "3dgame" to "3d-game".
Added support for a new Super Nintendo emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Fixed SDL Super Nintendo config and save/load state. Folder "SFC" no longer exists.
Enabled SDL Super Nintendo .fig and .zip support.
Added support for the FinalBurn Alpha emulator from d_smagin.
Replaced the backgrounds.
Replaced the list_select.
New in CFW V2.06.07:
Fixed SEGA CD Load/Save State and Configuration path.
Fixed enabling Virtual Memory.

Game ROM compatibility list:
Emulators - CAPCOM System 1 - "game" sub folder "cps1" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - CAPCOM System 2 - "game" sub folder "cps2" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - FinalBurn Alpha - "game" sub folder "fba" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - NEO-GEO - "game" sub folder "neogeo" - ROM format .zip and .fba ( with the BIOS files is necessary to use zip format)
Emulators - Nintendo - "game" sub folder "nes" - ROM format .nes
Emulators - Super Nintendo - "game" sub folder "snes" - ROM format .sfc and .smc
Emulators - Gameboy - "game" sub folder "gb" - ROM format .gb
Emulators - Gameboy Color - "game" sub folder "gbc" - ROM format .gbc
Emulators - Gameboy Advance - "game" sub folder "gba" - ROM format .gba
Emulators - SEGA Mega Drive - "game" sub folder "md" - ROM format .bin, .gen and .smd
Emulators - SEGA Master System - "game" sub folder "sms" - ROM format .sms
Emulators - SEGA Game Gear - "game" sub folder "gg" - ROM format .gg and .sms (rename your .gg ROM to .sms for SEGA Master System compatibility)
SDL Emulators - CAPCOM System 1 - "game" sub folder "cps1" - ROM format .zip and .fba
SDL Emulators - CAPCOM System 2 - "game" sub folder "cps2" - ROM format .zip and .fba
SDL Emulators - FinalBurn Alpha - "game" sub folder "fba" - ROM format .zip and .fba
SDL Emulators - NEO-GEO - "game" sub folder "neogeo" - ROM format .zip and .fba
SDL Emulators - Nintendo - "game" sub folder "nes" - ROM format .nes and .zip
SDL Emulators - Super Nintendo - "game" sub folder "snes" - ROM format .fig, .sfc, .smc and .zip
SDL Emulators - Gameboy - "game" sub folder "gb" - ROM format .gb
SDL Emulators - Gameboy Color - "game" sub folder "gbc" - ROM format .gbc
SDL Emulators - SEGA Mega Drive - "game" sub folder "md" - ROM format .bin, .gen, .smd and .zip
SDL Emulators - SEGA CD - "game" sub folder "scd" - ROM format .iso, .bin and .cso/mp3
SDL Emulators - SEGA Master System - "game" sub folder "sms" - ROM format .sms
SDL Emulators - SEGA Game Gear - "game" sub folder "gg" - ROM format .gg and .sms (rename your .gg ROM to .sms for SEGA Master System compatibility)
SDL Emulators - Atari Lynx - "game" sub folder "lynx" - ROM format .lnx, .lyx and .zip
Note: You need an External MicroSD to use firmware V2.00.25 and later or you cant use the Audio Player, Video Player, Pictures and E-Book because the folders to store the files are moved to the external MicroSD card. I did this to have more space for game ROMs on the internal MicroSD card. Open-Source Emulators is linked to the "emulator" folder on the external MicroSD card. Open-Source Games is linked to the "game" folder on the external MicroSD card. SDL Games is linked to the "sdlgames" folder on the external MicroSD card. They show only the dge files. I've used an online translation program to translate Open-Source Emulators, Open-Source Games and SDL Games for the firmware. Let me know when it's wrong so I can fix it.
NEO-GEO zip format:
Download and extract the Dingoo A380 FBA Conversion Tool from Dingoo Technology. Copy the from the rom folder to your Dingoo A380 "game" sub folder "neogeo" with your neogeo rom zips. Don't try to rename the zips or it won't work.
Note: A list of Neo-Geo games that work as a zip can be found here:

Thanks to retrodd and Santo for making this list.
Original Dingoo A-380 emulators:
It's now possible to change and save the emulator settings. Changing brightness doesn't work with FC/Nintendo. Frame skipping isn't possible. The setting always returns back to 0.
Warning: Don't update the firmware if it's important for you to have the equalizer settings for the Audio Player. Dingoo Technology removed it in firmware V2.0016.
Firmware download:

Download Old Firmware V2.06.01:,0,0,0,42,661
Download New Firmware V2.06.07:,0,0,0,42,664
Download Original Dingoo A-380 Firmware V2.0016:
Note: Use "Restore Default Settings" the first time you use a new firmware. Run every application in the firmware to create the necessary folders and sub folders on the internal and external MicroSD cards.
CFW Emulator Pack download:
Dingoo A-380 V2.06.01 emulators:

Disk Image Writer for Windows:,0,0,0,115,658
MiniTool Partition Wizard:
SD Formatter:

Note: Don't let Windows format the MicroSD card. Just write the image to the MicroSD card and safely remove it. If for some reason you have to format it use the SD Formatter.
SEGA CD - BIN to CSO/MP3 converter:,0,0,0,115,656


Video tutorial from retrodd

Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.06.01 video by retrodd

Kudos to Alien Grey for continuing to work on the firmware for the A380! It is an impressive, mature CFW now!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian for Dingoo A-380/A-320e

The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian for Dingoo A-380/A-320e

Here's a port of the game The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian for the Dingoo A-380 and A-320e.
I recompiled it to fix the L-R, X-Y button and screen issues on the Dingoo A-380.

Author: Vincent Jouillat
Dingoo A320 port: Shin-NiL

Friday, February 15, 2013

Differences between NCCE and SKELROM for the JXD S7300B

Damedus explains the differences between these two custom firmwares:

NCCE is using aroma to give it a visual appeal on how to install extra apps and features. As for game libraries we used the same libs that skelton facilitated me, on top of 1.3 that has the dpad fixes. Dont know if skelrom added any more changes, but i used a tweaking tool(From Jellybam) in the ncce environment to speed things abit, I had some bootloops, start over until I found the tweaks that wouldn't give a negative impact to the rom. we also removed the phone issue that showed the battery being used to get network signal and removed the airplane mode. Vektor did some battery changes and wallpaper changes and added the skelton libs into the firmware, and from there its been getting aroma to work. so as you see its up to you which to use and as for the features you can easily use aroma patch to install any apps u want from our optional pack its not restricted to NCCE, also its all open source so feel free to modify as you like, you can use skeltons CMW too to make a nandroid and return back in case you mess something up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Skelrom released for JXD S7300B!

When a Skelrom arrives for an android device, the people cheer.  Can you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men who will not be slaves to bloatware again.

Ah bugger it, on with the hard news, and it’s good news:

[CUSTOM ROM] Skelrom for JXDS7300B

« on: Today at 10:05:19 AM »

I decided to create this thread to collect everything related specifically to this custom rom, and take note about this information for future versions, if there is more releases.
This is a google translated article, and may have some translation errors.
Skelrom JXDS7300B & ClockworkMod v1.0

Source and update the information in this article
The original article (in Spanish) is in my blog .
For updates on this article, I suggest visiting one of the links above.
The threads which originally published this information, of which I have taken part in generating this entry are as follows
Skelrom v1.0 (Forum on Spanish , English )
ClockworkMod Recovery (Forum on English )
For direct inquiries and information regarding these issues, I suggest posting in the forums mentioned.
As some of you know, the last time I've been helping to try some custom roms being developed for the console JXDS7300B, and of these, which is the best feature has finally been released.
Led by Skelton, known as the android console scene for his series of custom firmware that greatly enhance the experience of using these devices comes the (long awaited) Skelrom custom firmware v1.0 for JXDS7300B, and to make a summary, I copy and paste part of your readme.txt

Key Features:

  • Based on the latest stock firmware (v1.3)
  • All applications and Chinese emus eliminated Gamex becomes a user application and system
  • Improved Google Play almost all apps should be no problems
  • And zipalign Deodex. (Makes auto-zipalign on every boot if necessary)
  • Fix for q emulators were not consistent and improved the compatibility with gameloft games (Nova 3, Modern Combat 4 ... etc)
  • Includes SetCPU XDA donation version installed with default profile.
  • Fixed problem with ac3 and dts codec in hardware mode with mkv files, so no more noisy sound every second with these codecs.
  • Support for uinput
  • Battery percentage shown
  • Support for init.d scripts.
  • Improved build.prop to improve the consumption of the ram, screen response, etc ...
  • SetCPU donation version installed profile series.

The ROM does wipe automatically, this means you will delete all data you have on the console (quiet, only the data from the console and from the internal memory. Microsd will not sound) so keep that you want to keep your data before installing the rom.


  • Unzip the downloaded zip to the root of the micro SD.
  • This should give you the following files in the SD: Factory_para_update_aml,, uImage_recovery
  • Turn the s7300B JXD recovery mode with Power + menu and wait for it to finish the whole process

In this ROM, or future (if any) will not be included payment software, to avoid licensing and distribution problems.
SetCPU version is the version of donation and the author's permission to include it.
The default speed is 1.32 ghz, you can climb to 1.5 with another kernel included in the extras folder. or using SetCPU. Note: You can also directly upload speed with SetCPU without flashing another kernel (tested by me)
The kit includes the following extras: - (It is not necessary, as mentioned above, but if you want to try flashing this file from recovery if you put 1.5 ghz) - To return to 1.32 ghz
SWAP_ON: This file will exchange the internal and external memory, so that the external is / sdcard / and internal / sdcard / external_sdcard /. Thus keep in mind that if you're removing the microSD disassembled the inner well.
SWAP_OFF: SWAP To remove the console and put the partitions to their original state.
More specific instructions in the Extras folder to install these files.
This method works without problems, but had some strange behavior with large capacity cards.
Some cards of 32GB, and (to my knowledge) all have 64GB a problem starting the console, and is not properly mounted at boot android. If so, how to solve this problem is to remove and re-insert the microSD slot is mounted correctly.
This has a parallel problem. In the event that not mount properly at boot microsd system will not generate the / sdcard / external_sdcard, this means that when we mount the microSD manually in the system properties see "duplicate" information from the microSD in external memory, and can not access the device's internal memory.
Therefore, if you do not mind losing some Gigas 6 and we have available in the internal memory, microsd have a large capacity, then uses this system. If not the case, then I suggest using the traditional system or GL2SD DirectoryBind to link content to external microsd.
In addition, there is possibly a problem when trying to display the memory capacity (storage) and system settings are closed. For this case, simply create the folder "external_sdcard" on microsd to system settings stop close (fail stop)
ClockworkMod for JXDS7300B
In addition to custom firmware, has launched a fully functional version of ClockworkMod for JXDS7300B. Skelton Besides having worked in this port, we must thank the real creator of this custom recovery, Christian Troy, and thanks to him and his help has been fully carry this Recovery, which for those who know him know the importance , is that you can do with nandroids complete the device.
What's a Nandroid?
Basically, it is a byte for byte image of the contents of the flash device, and turns in a file, which can later be retrieved the system, programs and settings that we had when generating the nandroid.
Furthermore, this method allows the creation and distribution of custom roms, without preparing kitchens dedicated to the device, or in other words, anyone who wants to dare can generate your custom rom without complications. Yes, watch the personal settings that can go in the file, because this nandroid saves everything from the name of the wifi we have at home, so we use google key to enter the market.
Features of this version of CWM.
Unlike what is normally seen, this CWM is started directly from a microSD, because for security reasons not flashing in the device (this recovery partition is larger than the device, and may generate a full flashearla brick) , but it's almost better, which means that the device runs with its serial Recovery unchanged, and we can boot a custom recovery from external media.
For more information CWM, suggest looking at these threads
In Spanish, in gp32spain
In English, OpenHandhelds
and samples, a video where some of this work ahead
Final Words
That said, we've been testing this custom for a few days, looking for bugs and polishing (well, skelton in this case) as best we could, and I think the result is significantly better than the official firmware for JXD offered.
I hope (hope, will speak on behalf of the "team" has been working on this custom) firmware that will be useful for owners of a JXDS7300B, and henceforth we await that follow JXD releasing firmwares that effectively fix problems that have been detected in the device.
Skelrom for JXDS7300B v1.0
Download:      Part 1      Part 2
Mirrors:    Part 1   Part 2
ClockWorkMod for JXDS7300B
Tested games
This list contain a preliminary list of games and emulators tested with this version. This list is only for reference and don´t pretend to be an updated list of games that run on this firmware.
  • BackStab
  • Call of Duty Blacks Ops Zombies
  • Dead Space
  • Dead Trigger
  • Draw Race 2
  • ePSXe - Crash Bandicoot
  • ePSXe - Ghost in the Shell
  • ePSXe - Guilty Gear
  • ePSXe - Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter
  • ePSXe - Tekken 3
  • Fifa 12
  • Gangstar Rio
  • Great Big War Game
  • GTA 3
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Mini Motor Racing
  • Modern Combat 3
  • Modern Combat 4
  • N.o.v.a. 3
  • N64oid - Conker's Bad Fury Day
  • N64oid - Killer Instinct Gold
  • N64oid - Mario Kart 64
  • N64oid - The Legend of Zelda Ocarine of Time
  • Naught
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • nullDC Alpha *
  • Order & Chaos Online
  • Rayman Jungle Run
  • Shadowgun
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Wild Blood

* internal test. don´t ask for links or videos.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NCCE Custom Firmware for JXD S7300 updated to v 0.2b


Custom Firmware:
NCCE V 0.2b by Vektor and Damedus:

-D-pad being stuck fixed
-Reverted to Odex for better compatibility with certain apps.(Tests in progress Future releases might come Deodex and Odex)
-Touch control mapping should work from the Xgame app games for android.(Test this its not 100% accurate)
-X Game,  ES File manager, Titanium Backup, Aptoide have been added as non-system apps, if you don't want one it can be removed. But they serve purposes(cydia like market with apps not in the play store, the X game from the JXD Official firmware for classic roms[note:emus were removed this will download games but will not play, if we get source we might fix this. We think base emus are outdated and would ruin the rom for people who want to d/l up to date better emus.] and Managing Backup tools.)
-All previous fixes from 0.1b

NCCE 0.2b

How to open a JXD S7300B

Tehcrucible releases custom firmware for Droid X360!

This somewhat flawed, and overall, disappointing device suddenly got a shot for juju juice – thanx to Tehcrucible (Coolest. Typo. Ever.)

neX360 - Custom Firmware for the Droid X360
V1.0 - ICS 4.04

Finally,  a Livesuit flash-able firmware for the Droid X360!
This is the culmination of my work on the SuperScript, compiled into a complete rom, with some new added awesome!  Based on AOSP 4.0.4, this rom includes all the tweaks and fixes from the SuperScript, with the addition of Clockworkmod Recovery and support and settings for Gamekeyboard baked in.
A few notes: 
-  This firmware does not include any of the outdated and pirated apps that originally shipped with the Droid X360.  You will need to source your own emulators and games.
-  Flashing this firmware WILL ERASE YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE and RESTORE YOUR DEVICE TO STOCK.  You have been warned, I take no responsibility for damage or data loss.
-  Clockworkmod performs its nandroid backups to the INTERNAL SDCARD.  This means that if you flash with livesuite after performing a nandroid backup, you will lose that backup.  Backup your backups!
-  Controls have been mapped for maximum support with Xperia Play and USB gamepad compatible apps.  Check out the Gamekeyboard video below for more info.
YOUTUBE - Clockworkmod Overview
YOUTUBE - How to setup Gamekeyboard
In a nutshell:
- Clockworkmod Recovery
- Gamekeyboard support (play non-gamepad games with physical controls)
- Removes Chinese apps, keyboards & other crap
- Disables unnecessary Android services & components
- Removes old, buggy and pirated emulators.
- Fixes Google Play & restores and updates Google Apps
- Increased Touchscreen sensitivity
- Increased WiFi speed
- Battery life & performance tweaks
- Installs Furan's modified keypad driver
- Remaps physical buttons correctly
- Replaces boring boot animation
- Generally makes your Droid X360 more awesome :)
- More features to come...
- A Windows PC.
- A USB C (Mini USB) cable.
1. Install Livesuit
2. Flash firmware
3. Play some roms!
Check the above video for a detailed installation walkthrough.
HERE - v1.0 - Livesuit Image
HERE - v1.0 - CWM Flashable Zip (Coming Soon)
Livesuite Software
- "Chrome" browser appears to be missing from Google Play store.
- Settings app force closes when opening About Tablet > Status
Willgoo      @Dingoonity
fatesausage   @Slatedroid
... and everyone who tried out the SuperScript!
v0.1 - 05/02/13
Initial release.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JXD S7300 Custom Firmware released by Vektor and Damedus

Custom Firmware for JXD S7300:
NCCE V 0.1b by Vektor and Damedus:


- Now it's fully deodexed, first boot will be a bit longer. Next boots will be regular.
- Apks in the bundle are zipaligned, this should improve RAM usage.
- Emulators fix (we need tests and feedback by the community)
- Google Play fix (thanks skelton, we need tests and feedback by the community)
- External SD swapped with internal. (Work in progress: extract SD only when JXD S7300 is switched off, switch on only with SD inserted).
- New (lighter) boot animation

Mirror provided by revnja (thanks!)

Firmware Tutorial:

1. Backup all data from your device.(Keep a backup of your apps and files on pc)
2. Download the firmware(Directly from JXD/Mirrors).
You should have the following files:
- factory_update_param.aml
- uImage_recovery
3. Place all 4 files to the root of your sd card.
4. With the device off place the sd card in it, press the Vol+ and Power buttons at the same time until it enters the upgrade menu.
5. Wait. Once the device is finished it will reboot back to system fully updated. Enjoy the upgrade!

SD swap enable/disable:


- Flash NCCE01b firmware.
- Switch tablet off.
- Extract SD
- Put and (inside the in the root folder of your SD. Do not insert it in jxd s7300!
- Boot in recovery mode (press power and vol+)
- When android system recovery <3e> screen comes out, insert SD.
- Choose update from EXT by moving with D-PAD and pressing Start to select it.
- In the same way use D-PAD to select enabler/disabler and press start to confirm.
To disable simply select disabler, to get sdswap back simply select enabler.
The swap works on stock firmware too.