Maetel releases Exucaveira JXDS7800B Custom ROM

This is a Custom ROM for JXD S7800B based on JXD´s Stock ROM 4.2.2 V1.1.4 1.6Ghzwith Root, Supercharged and Tweaked. Tested on 3188T and 3188 Devices.
20.000+ on Antutu !

Download V2 of Supercharged Custom ROM (17/04/2014) codename Exucaveira :
Pictures :

V2 List of modifications :
Added/Modified :
Stock AOSP 4.2 Launcher (No 3rd party or JXD but the real Android Stock launcher)
Status Bar has been hidden by default (Visual area upgrade and all actions have Physical buttons, if you want open the bar hold power button and choose "Display Status Bar". To take a screenshot hold Volume Down + Power)
160 LCD Density
60Hz Fix (Thank´s to vektor from Openhandhelds)
vSync fix (Thank´s to Phjanderson!)
Modified Framework (Better Google Play compatibility)
Swapped Internal/micro SD Memory (Thank´s to Techno'CRACKS'
Solid Explorer (Multi Windows File Explorer)
1.600Ghz Kernel
Google Keyboard (KitKat)
JellyBean Stock Boot Animation
Lucky Patcher (Useful to remove ADS)
Chelpu´s Modified Google Play (Game Authentication)
QQ Player ( Play any know video format on earth)
FlashFox (Modified Firefox, the best browser with Flash Support)
Supercharged ( Memory Management by Zeppelinrox
Quick Boot (Easy way to reboot or enter on CWM (not installed by default).)
Microsoft RDC (Remote Desktop Client)
Removed :
Android Keyboard AOSP
AOSP Browser
Default Live Wallpapers
APK Installer
Emulator Store
Google Talk
Test App
Wifi Display
Chinese Keyboard

How to install :
1 - Download the Rockchip Batch Tool ( Drivers dont work on Windows 8.1 ) :
2 - Click on "..." icon on the FW Patch
3 - Connect the USB cable in S7800B, now you see a "Pink" Square on "Connected Devices", click on "Swith" button and now you see a "Green" Square.
4 - Click on "Restore" Button and wait the process end.

20.000+ Antutu points on this baybee = sweet Maetel, keep up the great work!


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  2. Exucaveira e Pombagira, devo acreditar que o desenvolvedor, esse Maetel é brazuka né? Excelente! Vou esperar os releases Preto Velho e Maria Padilha.


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